Our philosophy

Legal Notes is a new generation law firm. We are dynamic and unconventional, we challenge the status quo and shift the boundaries.  
Legal Notes is the result of chasing our dreams, our passion for the law and our profession, and our inexhaustible drive to fight for justice.

Legal Notes is Dutch by birth, international in essence, reflecting our geographically boundless mindset, our curiosity about the unknown and our deep-seated interest in differences and diversity.

Quality, transparency and fair rates are self-evident to us.


We aim to make dispute resolution and litigation accessible, affordable, efficient and sustainable.

World-class service

Our clients are the reason we remain in business. We cherish them and our relationship with them. We provide them with the greatest possible care. We are dedicated to offer them nothing less than world-class service. We look after their interests the way we look after our own. In serving our clients, we strive to give direction and to help make decisions. We are keen to solve legal problems, thoughtfully, quickly and efficiently with an independent eye and a result driven mindset.


Trust is a core value to us. We believe that a client-attorney relationship is based primarily on trust. We do not take trust for granted. We do our best to earn it.


We are good listeners. We are interested in what is important to our clients, what concerns them, what they expect from us and how we can help them.


We are flexible and adaptable. Our services are designed to be adapted to our clients’ needs.


Quality, transparency and fair rates are self-evident to us.

Welcome to our world

Our approach

We know from experience how disputes can financially and emotionally impact companies and individuals. The consequences can reach far. Much can be at stake. Therefore, we believe that legal disputes - unwanted as they may be - require special attention and careful management. We are experts in preventing, resolving, managing and litigating business disputes. We have done so for years, successfully.
We mastered the craft of litigation, the art of playing the game of chess and thinking ten steps ahead. We know how to play the game and anticipate unwanted surprises. We operate tactically and strategically. When it comes to litigating a case, we anticipate the line of thinking of the judge.


Sometimes, going above and beyond is necessary to manage and sustainably resolve conflicts. Business disputes too often involve emotions and underexposed concerns. We have an eye for this phenomenon, because as long as parties are obstructed by it, a solution will not present itself. We understand the dynamics and emotions involved in a conflict. We manage emotions and resolve disruptive dynamics in order to achieve de-escalation. Only then can parties approach their conflict with a clear view. This includes the decision whether or not to litigate.


We believe that the decision to litigate should be considered a business investment decision to be be made in a well-considered and realistic way. Emotions should ideally not play a role at that stage, but rather an accurate financial and legal risk analysis. We assist our clients intensively with this process.

Litigation decision

We make sure we understand the impact of the dispute and its outcome on you and your organization, on the present and future situation. We assess and consider the playing field, the opportunities and the risks, the certainties and uncertainties and the expected costs as accurately and objectively as possible.


If the necessary financial means to finance a lawsuit are lacking or if it is not preferable to finance a lawsuit with own funds, we help our clients with finding external funding through the litigation funders or other financiers from our network.


We will tell you honestly what we think of your case. We show you the direction we think you should take, whether it be litigation, settlement or an alternative.


We walk with you along the way, sometimes behind you, sometimes ahead of you, but mostly next to you, shoulder to shoulder, until we reach our destination.



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